Energy Leadership Index Assessment
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Recognized by Forbes as one of the Best Tests to Help You Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses
You've worked on mindset, but still find yourself falling back into old thought patterns.

​​​​​​​There are some areas of your life that seem to keep you stuck no matter what you do.

​​​​​​​​​​You want a deeper self-clarity, so you can finally take control of your reactions.

Gain the knowledge that will help you shift everything!
The ELI assessment acts as a mirror for your mindset, so that you can discover why you have the mindset that you have and actually do something about it.
The assessment helped me identify the mindsets that were holding me back from the way I wanted to approach motherhood and life in general. I was able to start to see new perspectives and possibilities using what I learned. Valerie’s insights were on point, and talking with her was so encouraging. It was just what I needed to push out of a rut and into action.
- Christina F.

I’m Valerie Friedlander – certified life coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, trained mediator, sociologist, and brain science enthusiast.

The ELI assessment  gave me the awareness I needed to understand and take control over how I was showing up in all areas of my life.

Clients have called me a mindset magician but it's understanding the root cause of your mindset that truly allows the magic shifts to happen.

How you perceive a situation determines how you engage it.
How you engage it determines what you get back.
​​​​​​​Thus, everything in your life is a refection of how you're showing up based on that perception filter.
Good news is, perception is subjective!
That means you can change it and awareness of the filter is the first step.

Get ready to transform your life by deeply understanding:
Where your subconscious is keeping you stuck and what to do about it.
Where your perception filter is helping you create success and how to expand it
The source of your frustration and overwhelm and a framework to shift your stress response
"I signed up for the initial online assessment which came with a 1.5 hour consultation. I am literally changed after just that one consultation. The assessment took around 20 minutes to complete and did not feel invasive or personal yet I felt like Valerie knew my deepest emotions and was able to connect with me in a way that no one else has. I highly encourage you to sign up immediately for the assessment. Valerie will be of great benefit to you. She is worth every single penny."
- Jenifer R.
The Assessment Includes:
- 20-minute online assessment
- 90-minute intensive consultation to help you clearly understand the framework, your results, and how to take this info to address the pieces holding you back from success
Access all the awareness of this in-depth assessment and consult for only $297.
Tanya Bryant - Star VA
"I did an assessment with Valerie because I was really seeking clarity in my life and business. I was at a crossroads and was unable to make decisions and take action. Talking with Valerie about my assessment results made it clear what was happening and where I was struggling the most. Valerie helped me see where I was stuck in a cycle that I didn't even realize. She understood exactly where I was coming from and was very insightful in explaining why and how to break free from it. It was very eye-opening and I would highly recommend doing the assessment with Valerie if you are unsure why things aren't going the way you'd like in your business and/or life.
"The ELI investment was one of the best personal-development investments I have ever made. Suddenly, I had this deeper sense of understanding of the sources of frustration, motivation, and accomplishment in my life. Valerie has this uncanny ability of quickly knowing exactly who you are and encouraging you to take ownership of your mindset. After taking the ELI, I’ve been able to be more proactive with my reactions and mindset, and been able to seek more positive outcomes. The information I gained has not only helped me on a personal level but has shaped the way I’m growing my business."
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