Mindset Makeover Group
Coaching Program

It's time to take your business and your life from 
stressed and stuck to joyful and energized!

Next group starts June 2019!

What's the point of  "success" if you're too exhausted to enjoy it?

I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself the same thing. You keep giving and hustling, trying to do the right things but the stress is draining you and you can't quite figure out what you’re doing wrong, but something’s just…off.

You're down for the hard work of being a Mom AND an entrepreneur but you want that hard work to flow and actually build the life you started on this path for in the first place, You want to make a difference, nurture your family, and feel a sense of fulfillment and freedom in  your life.

You keep thinking "if I just push hard enough, I'll get there eventually..." yet eventually just isn't going to cut it anymore. You're tired of feeling depleted and there's a voice inside you that says there has to be another way. 

I couldn’t agree more. And here’s the good news: There is!

Gain confidence and clarity in your decision-making.
Feel a greater sense of possibility no matter what happens.
Cultivate a community that intuitively supports you.
Create a more expansive experience of business and life.
Develop the ability to take action based on who you are rather than the shoulds that surround you.
“Valerie has some kind of keen sense of knowing exactly HOW to listen to you and ask questions to help you reveal your own inner truths and do so without airing all your dirty laundry.  Her group coaching program is a safe, confidential place that helped me to realize where my mental blocks were and actually take the steps to grow from and overcome them.  She has an approach that is like taking all the benefits of a sister/mentor/mother/girlfriend rolled into one and she does it well!”
- Cynthia Ayres Moms Bread Bites
My Mindset Makeover group coaching can be not only the game-changer, but the life-changer you need to clear the path in front of you.

The Mindset Makeover is a 10-week program for an intimate group of women entrepreneurs who are ready for support to bust through blocks and gain some next-level self-awareness with a like-minded tribe walking alongside you. 

Let's chat to see if this group is right for you!

“Working with Valerie you find answers. I felt like I kept banging my head against a wall. I knew the answer was right in front of me, but I just couldn’t see it. Until I had a session with Valerie. This is where she really shines! She has an uncanny ability to connect the dots, listen with eagle ears, and then ask just the right questions! It’s just like the light being turned on and you feel the frustration melt away. So, when you feel like you’ve been running in the same circle and getting no where, I highly recommend taking the time to set up a session with Valerie! You will save yourself from a headache and heartache!!”
- Irena Miller Intuitive Yoga Teacher
ELI Assessment - a mirror to your mindset, allowing you to clearly see the patterns working for and against you
Intimate group with expert facilitation – a small group of eight women will allow deep connection and exploration to break through your blocks and move forward via a 60-minute Zoom call once a week
Individual laser coaching – each member will receive 20 minutes of laser coaching at least twice throughout the program
Group processing - every session you will have the opportunity to process your insights, identify next steps, and obtain accountability
Private Facebook group - allows you to continually support each other with inspiration and accountability, as well as access to me for virtual coaching outside of the live calls
Voxer access to me during program – an invaluable perk to working with me – Vox me any time you need support with something private or urgent
Access to Mindset Reset. Includes activities to independently dig deeper into your own blocks to do the work to get yourself “unstuck”
A private 1:1 session - at the end of the program we'll schedule a private 45 minute session to check in on your progress and take-aways and create a plan to help you maintain your momentum as you go forward
Working with Valerie was a life changing experience. I feel like I'm just becoming aware of why and how I react in certain situations - but more importantly, how to change my actions and my thoughts so I can be a happier person in my life and business. She asked the hard questions and helped me come up with my own answers instead of telling me what is "right" or what I "should" do. I am grateful I invested in her group coaching experience. It was well worth it.”
- Kristen Miller  Digital Marketer
After ten weeks together you will walk away with:
The knowledge and confidence in knowing that you are already amazing and how to gain access to feeling amazing anytime you want.
Harness the energy that works for you so you can live in your own alignment instead of floundering in other people’s doings.
A deeply connected community resource that knows how to support each other in true growth and expansion.
Awareness of how you can access your wisdom and inner truth beyond this program.
"Valerie has an uncanny ability to understand your personality and nature immediately. Her support as I adapt to being a new mother and launching a business has been immeasurable. She’s enlightened me to how various aspects of my personality affect different areas of my life and how I can redirect my energy into more positive experiences. I’ve discovered so much about my life vision, personal values and self-motivation through our sessions. She’s equipped me with the skills to better process and analyze my feelings to avoid negativity and find the win-win. I’m so glad I took the opportunity to further my personal development by investing in coaching sessions with Valerie". 
- Lucy Cantley  Business Sidekick
Weekly Topics

Week 1
​​​​​​​Vision your best self, so you can start creating your best life

Week 2
​​​​​​​Connect to the values you want to honor as your foundation

Week 3 
Identify and understand your perception patterns

Week 4
​​​​​​​Write your own rules to help you play your own game of life

Week 5
​​​​​​​Transform your Inner Critic into your Inner Cheerleader

Week 6
​​​​​​​Harness the power of your emotions to help you learn and grow

Week 7
​​​​​​​Set healthy boundaries that support and empower you

Week 8
​​​​​​​Create an aligned plan for moving forward

Week 9
​​​​​​​Develop helpful habits that support your life goals

Week 10
​​​​​​​Strategize the maintenance of your mindset

How do I know you’ll walk away with all of this after just ten weeks? Because I’ve seen it happen! Let me introduce myself – I’m Valerie Friedlander – certified life coach for Mom entrepreneurs. I’m a Mom of two energetic boys, wife, and spirited entrepreneur. My gift is my intuitive coaching…and I use that gift to help creative women entrepreneurs just like you tap into their inner wisdom and teach them how to navigate back to that self-alignment when they find themselves pulled away from it.

Working with my 1:1 clients it was clear how much we all need a larger sense of connection too. The Mindset Makeover Program gives you access to direct coaching AND a support group of fellow biz Moms diving deep to empower each other’s authenticity while journeying together. The beauty of this program is that just because the facilitation ends, the support doesn’t have to. When you do the work to cultivate the root system for your group – that will live on indefinitely.

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"Investing in Valerie was not only the best but one of the most important things I have done for myself and for my business in a really long time. She has helped me not only work through challenges in my life but helped guide me in creating the life that I want. There's no question that Valerie should be in your life. You should hire her today."

- Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom